In OUR Reykholt in the South of Iceland near Selfoss town (please note that THERE ARE TWO Reykholt’s – THE OTHER ONE is in the West of Iceland, near Borgarnes, in Borgarfjörður) we have various activities and two great restaurants.

Here is a warm municipality swimming pool with two hot tubs, playing grounds, camping site and walking paths. Mini market Bjarnabúð with N1 self service gas station just across the street from Fagrilundur Guesthouse (please note that you will need a credit card with a pin or purchase a prepaid N1 card of 3000, 5000 or 10000 ISK to use the pump – see more here on their website). Just put the card in the slot on the pole next to the pump and follow instructions on the monitor.

Just “next door” to Fagrilundur Guesthouse we have great restaurant Mika – they have great pizza, salad with lobster or chicken and some more courses not to mention their famous hand made chocolates - see more on their website. Also just across the street there is a mini-market Bjarnabúð, N1 self service gas station, the municipality swimming pool with hot tubs and Friðheimar – a famous greenhouse farm and restaurant that mainly grows tomatoes and has a wonderful lunch (soup / pasta / tortillas) which you enjoy inside the greenhouse and everything on the menu and around you is tomato related. Friðheimar are open between 12:00-16:00. See more on their website.

Nearby there is a company with various adventures like rafting in Hvítá by Arcticrafting and Slakki domestic mini zoo in Laugarás village with a cafe/restaurant. Also not far away there is a farm that offers horse rental riding tours in Syðra-Langholt.

Interesting places and distances from Fagrilundur Guesthouse: Þingvellir 50 km, Laugarvatn 25 km, Gullfoss 29 km, Geysir 19 km, Skálholt 9 km, Laugarás 11 km, Flúðir 11 km, Þjórsárdalur 50 km, Selfoss 40 km.